A Grenville Co-operative Credit Union Fixed Deposits Account is another way for you to watch your money grow at a higher interest rate. It is similar to a savings account in that it helps you grow your money but CDs are a time deposit. Your deposited funds are set for a fixed term and can be used once the certificate of deposit has matured (fixed term is complete).

When the CD matures, you can renew it for another consecutive term or have the funds transferred to your Savings Account.

Here are some other helpful facts about our CDs

Maturity notices sent 30 days from maturity date

12, 24, or 36 month terms available.

Joint ownership and beneficiaries permitted.

 Call Deposit

A holding account where salaries, loan payments etc. are kept temporarily, members can also opt to saving on that facility since it attracts the same rate as Regular savings and is easily accessible.