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How to survive a loss of Income

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When someone experience a loss of income the situation can become quite complicated. This loss of income can occur with the sudden death of a spouse, perhaps you have been laid off at work or lost crops to bad weather, suffered a bad or untimely shipment of stock leading to a loss of sales.

Living with less may seem as an impossible task but however difficult it may be, you can do it. Some people survive, and many times ended better off than they were before.

It does not matter why you are suffering from a loss of income. The reality is that it happened and you have to deal with it.  Don’t waste time trying to figure out what went wrong or who fault it was or what you could have done differently.

The journey will not be easy. There will be a lot of tough choices to be made. Once you get to the other side, you may find that the current crisis was a blessing in disguise. This crisis may be the opportunity to start a new and more interesting path. It may even turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you.

It is natural to find yourself focusing on now. Even though dealing with the day-to-day details is important, you need to have a proper plan to resolve the situation. No matter what choices you make, some things will have to be forgone. Reducing spending on certain items will definitely have to be a first step.

You may need to decide to change the way you live. If your spouse or partner still works, it may be possible to car pool, eliminate spending on wants, and make other adjustments to reduce spending to the point where you can cope with your current income.

You will definitely need to assess your situation periodically until the situation has improved and return to normalcy.


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